Keep it Clean and Green Mini-Grant Recipients

Instructor:  Mr. Joshua Barclay School:  West Bloomfield High School

The students at West Bloomfield High School had a solar array installed on the school’s campus to fully power the West Bloomfield High School science department with solar energy, while also raising community awareness of the dire effects of climate change.  Students in the EARTH Club collaborated with others in physics, engineering, computer science, art and video classes to perform energy auditing, applying for grants, met with local businesses, worked with contractors, and more.  Students engaged in real-life problem solving gained valuable job-related experience in many 21st-century career fields.  The solar array will serve as a focal point and testament to the cogent power of students to create meaningful change.

Solar Array at West Bloomfield High School

Instructor:  Melissa Bielski School:  Angus Elementary School,
Warren Consolidated School District

A community garden has been established utilizing Michigan native plants and vegetables where students can come during the summer and pick/grow their own food.  Students have learned in a hands-on way about how things grow and how the food that grows in a garden can impact their families and the community. 

Instructor:  Mr. Jeff Fosnaugh School:  ACE High School
Rochester Hills, MI

Students from the Botany class created a garden and vegetable garden with Michigan native plants.  Students will be learning basic ecological skills and then differentiating into independent projects.  For example, students focused on invasive species, cloning and bee keeping.  Composting left over food, recycling and maintaining a native plant garden, as well as any food raised in the garden were donated to needy families in the area.  Students have learned about the importance of growing and sharing quality food, particularly when they’ve personally planned, tended and harvested it themselves. 

Instructor:  Cynthia Roberts    School:  Dow High School

Students from Dow High School’s Go Green Club focused their attention on the decrease of bees and numerous other pollinators by designing/planting a pollinator garden utilizing Michigan native plants.  Through this garden the students would like to be a part of the effort to promote pollinators by providing the needed habitat for butterflies, bees and other various pollinators.